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Dining Hall Furnace is Online!!!!

The MPF is proud to announce that the dining hall furnace is up and running! This is the first step in heating and cooling our building is a more efficient and cost effective manner. The first of three new furnaces to be installed this fall, which will allow us to heat and cool the dining hall and first floor. With wifi thermostats on each unit, the building can be controlled from remote locations by computer or phone. To be able to maintain a controlled environment for the building is the first step in also protecting the building as we are able to maintain not allow temperature but humidity. Humidity has been a challenge for us and wrecks havoc on interior walls and equipment.

The MPF would like to thank Peoples Heating and Brent Drake for all of their hard work on this phase one of our heating updates. Without their donations to the foundation, this project simply would not happen!!!!

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