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East Facade Update!

Prior to the Messick Masonic Temple board meeting on September 15, 2021, we met with the onsite foreman for Kemna Restoration. They explained that the East facade is well underway in the restoration process. Currently they are working at removing all the mortar joints as they work their way from the ground up. They have also repaired the front steps reinforcing the bottom step, power washing, and cleaning the steps with a limestone cleaner. They have also done the same cleaning with the lower band of limestone.

Another crew member is working his way around the top 4' of the North and South facades cleaning off debris. That area will then be power washed, cleaned, repaired and sealed to ensure the issue with water running down will not cause future damage. Once the upper band is done, a stainless steel "cap" with be installed around the top parapet roof wall and on the 1' roof ledge that sits at 4' down. This area has led to previous leaks into the building. This will prevent that for many years to come. Other crew members are working on installing mortar and caulk samples on the NE corner for approval.

The black railings have also been removed and sent off for sandblasting and powder coating. This winter, Shriner Denny Fields, will donate his time to restore the East and North entrance doors. They will be repaired, sanded, refinished, and new glass installed to look at they did when new. We are very grateful for Denny's help on this project!

Please stop by the lodge and take a minute to see our exciting progress on "Project 2025" TH


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